The visit covers 7 days

Sketch black woodpecker head 

middle spotted woodpecker 2 black woodpecker 4 redstart 1


Day 1

 Meet at Madrid Barajas airport.

 Drive to Crémenes in the Picos de Europa.

 Stop near León to look for Great Bustard and other steppe birds.

 Hotel El Sabinar

Day 2

 Birding around Crémenes. Observation hides in the morning and evening. 

 Hotel El Sabinar 

 Day 3

 High mountain birding in the morning. Observation hides evening. 

 Hotel El Sabinar

 Day 4

 Birding around Crémenes.

 Hotel in Fuente Dé - Posada Máximo

 Day 5

 High mountain birding

 Hotel in Fuente Dé - Posada Máximo

 Day 6

 Mirador de Piedrasluengas

 Hotel in Sepúlveda- Posada de San Millán

 Day 7

 Early-morning birding

 Return to Madrid Barajas airport


wryneck 1 marsh tit 3 yellowhammer 1

sketch redstart